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A podcast covering all topics geeky, from comic books to movies, Doctor Who to Game of Thrones, and video games to anime. Regular features include roundtable discussions on a variety of topics and 90's Comics Retrial.
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Jul 6, 2016

Time to head back to the Dark Horse well to see what other licensed cows they're milking (mixed metaphor, change this before release.) This two part mini-series claims to take a closer look at the trials and tribulations of the child character from one of the greatest sci-fi action films in history. Can it possibly be worthy of that lineage? Let's find out.

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Jun 22, 2016

Reviewing X-Force #1 a while back was one of the more painful experiences of this podcast to date. So with the rest of the team and the original artist/creator removed can the character of Cable rise above his origins to be something that transcends the era in which he was created? Is the Pope a lizard?

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Jun 8, 2016

It's time to dive into possibly the weirdest comic to ever be allowed to finish its run: Sam Keith's The Maxx from Image Comics. Host Nathaniel Wayne, who drank the Kool-Aid on this one years ago, bring in a fresh set of eyes belonging to Kyle Benning to try and judge this as even handedly as possible. 

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You can find out more from Kyle at his blog:

Jun 1, 2016

This year will bring no less than four attempts at finally cracking the video game to film adaptation nut that so far no studio or project has been able to properly crack. Host Nathaniel Wayne brings in guest Paul Scavitto to discuss not only the games coming out this year, but in fact if there are any games that could actually make a successful transition to film at all.


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May 25, 2016

In a bit of a revisit to the first episode, host Nathaniel Wayne takes on another overstuffed 30th anniversary issue of Spider-Man with a holographic cover. Will it just be more of the same or will it manage to carve its own overpriced identity?

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May 4, 2016

Host Nathaniel Wayne brings back his occasional punching bag Ryan Daly to try and take on the one of a kind creation that was Death's Head II. Can a guy who looks like badass be anything other than amazing? Well... it was the 90s so just looking badass was pretty standard and didn't always carry that much credibility. So let's find out.


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Apr 20, 2016

Host Nathaniel Wayne takes a look at one of the very first comic books he ever purchased. Will it be a joyful jog down memory lane or a harsh face plant into the pavement of disappointment? Give it a listen and find out!

Apr 15, 2016

Host Nathaniel Wayne brings in regular panelists Paul Scavitto and Ryan Daly to help sift through the wreckage of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They talk about the film itself before moving onto how its impact and reception may or may not affect the broader slate of Warner Brothers' DC related films.

Apr 6, 2016

It's time to crack open another early Image title. This time it's the first two issues of Dale Keown's Pitt. Host Nathaniel Wayne takes a look at the long haired, leather clad, razor clawed rip-off of the Incredible Hulk and sees if he can stand on his own feet or not.

Mar 23, 2016

Because life happens, I don't have the planned episode ready to go. So here's a bit of a fallback plan I've had for when this eventually happened. I take this episode to go over what's coming on the horizon so folks aren't hoping for me to review something that I don't have and am not planning to get to.

Mar 16, 2016

Spider-man is back on everybody's minds again following his debut in the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer. Host Nathaniel Wayne sits down with Ryan Daly to talk about the future of Spider-Man in film. Particularly, what villains could be used in the upcoming film series that either are worth revisiting or haven't been milked to death already?

Mar 9, 2016

In the wake of the seminal Spider-Man story Kraven's Last Hunt there was some unfinished and some deep scars left behind for Spidey. Host Nathaniel Wayne brings back guest Paul Scavitto to help dissect this particularly dark chapter in the web slinger's life.

Feb 24, 2016

From the pages of Captain America comes Lorenzo Lamas! Oh, wait, I mean Nomad! A man without a country wandering the nation... with a baby... that isn't his... strapped to his back... even during gun fights. Can this comic book take that questionable premise and spin gold with it? Host Nathaniel Wayne dives into this first issue to answer that very question.

Feb 10, 2016

Can Wolverine break the X-Men related comic books' streak of convictions? Is it possible to start piecing together Logan's history without spoiling what makes him enjoyable? Is it really confusing to introduce a new bald character called "The Professor" who ISN'T the one you immediately thought of? We've brought in our very own supervillain, Alexa Luthor, to answer these very questions.

Jan 27, 2016

The one and only Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, has his own movie coming out soon. So this seems like the perfect time for this podcast to jump on the bandwagon and grab whatever topical attention it can by covering his first ever solo issue. Sean McFeeley returns to dissect the first ever title to bear the name of the Merc with a Mouth.

Jan 20, 2016

Host Nathaniel Wayne brings in the usual suspects (Paul Scavitto and Ryan Daly) and they've all brought their picks for an overrated comic books movie. Let the battle commence!

Jan 13, 2016

It's time to take a look at the contribution of another founding member of Image Comics. This time it's Erik Larson and his super-powered blue collar cop: The Savage Dragon. Host Nathaniel Wayne brings in guest Jon Van Luling to see is this off kilter take on the superhero holds up.

Dec 30, 2015

The last month has unleashed a seemingly endless flurry of trailers upon the world. Host Nathaniel Wayne brings in Ryan Daly and Paul Scavitto to assess and pontificate on these trailers and what they may mean for the movies they represent.

Reviewed trailers include Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman, Star Trek, X-Men: Apocalypse, Independence Day: Resurgence, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.


Dec 16, 2015

The time has come to take on the first appearance of another icon of the 90s comics: the Spider-Man villain known as Carnage. This spin-off character, derived from the popular villain Venom, was over the top, violent without reason and snarky as all get out. In other words he was pure 90s. Host Nathaniel Wayne looks at this character's debut story arc, and hopes that Carnage can turn out to be better than his reputation.

Dec 2, 2015

One of the 90s staples that this podcast hasn't touched on yet is Dark Horse and its line up of movie spin off comics. Let's rectify that oversight. Host Nathaniel Wayne tackles a two issue mini-series starring the one time Schwarzenegger tormentor: The Predator. Will it slay the competition or will the hunter become the hunted?... Oh god, that was terrible.

Nov 25, 2015

Host Nathaniel Wayne brings in fellow podcaster Ryan Daly, in the hope that buddying up will save both their lives and their sanity as they dive into possible the definitive work from the definitive 1990s comic book creator. Rob Liefeld's X-Force #1!

Nov 18, 2015

Every comic book line up needs an on the street style superhero. Marvel has Daredevil, DC has Batman (or more accurately the Bat Family because the Man himself is just as likely to be in space,) and Image put in their two cents with Shadowhawk. Host Nathaniel Wayne takes a look at the first two issues of Jim Valentino's creation and sees if it's worthy of the company it's seeking or if it slips and breaks its own spine.

Nov 11, 2015

This stand alone issue of Web of Spider-Man tries to give a new spin on the Shocker. However it's so insecure about its story that it splits the cover between that and the prologue for the next issue, and throws in a more EXTREME hero than Spidey for good measure. Host Nathaniel Wayne brings along Sean McFeeley for this one.

Nov 4, 2015

Any franchise that hits 24 films is going to have some highs and some lows. Host Nathaniel Wayne brings in guests Paul Scavitto and Ryan Daly and each has brought his own personal picks for the films are great and the ones that don't deserve as much crap as they get.

Paul Scavitto is the head writer for the comic book Armadillo Justice.

Ryan Daly has three active podcasts: Dead Bothan Spies (a Star Wars podcast,) The Secret Origins Podcast and Flowers and Fishnets (a Black Canary podcast.)

Together they are responsible for the soon to be resurrected Red and Green comic, available on Tumblr.

Oct 28, 2015

If there is a phrase to encapsulate the 1990s when it comes to comic books, that phrase would probably be "over the top." However there were few character who embraced and ran with that notion with as much brazen abandon as DC's Lobo. The interstellar bounty hunter with a bad attitude received a special #0 issue as part of DC's Zero Hour event and host Nathaniel Wayne brought along guest Paul Scavitto to help take a look at this one of a kind character.

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